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René-Nicolas Dufriche, baron Desgenettes (1762-1837)

Baron of the Empire, Commander of the Légion d'Honneur

Arms of René-Nicolas Dufriche, baron Desgenettes (1762-1837)

He was born on May 23, 1762 in Alençon, Normandy.

This military physician became Chief Doctor to the French Army in Egypt, Chief Doctor of the Grande Armée at the battles of Eylau, Friedland and Wagram, Chief Doctor of the Imperial Guard during the Hundred Days, professor to the Ecole de Médecine de Paris, and Inspector-general of the Army Health Service.

He died on February 3rd, 1837 in Paris and was buried in the 44th division of the Montparnasse Cemetery .

In 1972, the French Postal Service released a 0.30 Franc stamp bearing the image of René-Nicolas Dufriche-Desgenettes .

Main portrait

"René-Nicolas Dufriche, baron Desgenettes" by Antoine Charles Horace Vernet a.k.a. Carle Vernet (Bordeaux 1758 - Paris 1836).

Other portraits

René-Nicolas Dufriche, baron Desgenettes (1762-1837)
"Nicolas-René Dufriche, baron Des Genettes in Egypt in 1798-1799 by Antoine-François Callet (Paris 1741 - Paris 1823).
René-Nicolas Dufriche, baron Desgenettes (1762-1837)
"Nicolas-René Dufriche-Desgenettes". Nineteenth century French school.
René-Nicolas Dufriche, baron Desgenettes (1762-1837)
"Nicolas-René Dufriche-Desgenettes". Drawing from the ninteenth century.
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