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Martin Michel Charles Gaudin (1756-1841)

Duke of Gaeta

Arms of Martin Michel Charles Gaudin (1756-1841)

Born on January 16, 1756 in Saint-Denis, near Paris.

He served Napoleon as French Minister of Finance during the Consulate and the First French Empire, including the Hundred Days.

He died on November 5, 1841 in Gennevilliers, near Paris and was buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery (19th division) .

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Main portrait

"Martin Michel Charles Gaudin, Duke of Gaeta". Nineteenth century French school.

Other portraits

Martin Michel Charles Gaudin (1756-1841)
"Martin Michel Charles Gaudin, Duke of Gaeta". Drawing, nineteenth century.
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  • dimanche 9 octobre 2011 à 23h45, by Peter Hull Meyers (Jackson MS, USA)

    The Gaudin family were from the Isle of Jersey, one of six leading families there, all interrelated and well-connected in France and England. The other five families had English surnames. The Gaudins were members of the Church of England, and possibly anglicized the pronunciation of the name when speaking English, as did my Gaudin ancestor and my grandmother, much like a Southern plantation accent would render "Gordon". Martin Michel Charles Gaudin ("Charles" to his family) was said to speak French with a slight French accent and English with a slight French accent. One of his brothers, my ancestor, was said to have emigrated to America owing to the disposition of his mother. He had in his possession one of Napoleon's cloaks, which was, of course, stolen along with a good amount of silver and some gold coins. The last physical remnant of the descendants' ties to Jersey was a small porcelain doll tied with a blue ribbon. It was blown away by Hurricane Katrina.

    Website: Martin Michel Charles Gaudin, Duc de Gaete ( )
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