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We have gathered here the access to various pages whose content is not directly the subject of the site.

  • Links. If you want to deepen your research on the Napoleonic era, you will find here some links that we have selected for you.
  • Awards. To see the awards our site won.
  • Guestbook. Some of you have left some assessments about what they found in our pages. You can read them here.
  • Accessibility. This one will give you a list of resources used to make this site as accessible as possible.
  • The webmasters. For those who want to know us a little better, here are our authorized biographies.
  • Legal information. Here you can ensure that you are safe with us (despite all the noise of battle you can hear).
  • CSS validation by W3C. We try to keep all of our pages about the validity of the W3C protocols. This link will allow you to make sure. Please let us know if you experience a problem.
  • HTML validation by W3C. The previous line dealt with CSS code, this one with HTML.
  • Escape from someone else's frames. If you come from a referral site and find yourself stuck in its frames, click here, it's magic!
  • Contact. Finally, if you want to exchange more directly with us for any reason, you have the mail.
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