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Battle of Eckmühl

Date and place

  • April 22nd, 1809 at Eckmühl or Eggmühl, fifty kilometers north of Munich, Bavaria.

Involved forces

  • French army (35,000 men) under Marshal Davout then 100,000 men under Emperor Napoleon the First. 
  • Austrian army (80,000 men) under Archduke Charles of Austria, Duke of Teschen. 

Casualties and losses

  • French army: 3,500 to 8,000 killed or wounded, according to the sources. 
  • Austrian army: 6,000 to 12,000 killed or wounded, more than 4,000 prisoners. 
Battle of Eckmühl  (detail)
"Battle of Eckmühl, April 22nd, 1809 at 06:00 PM" (detail). Watercolor painting by Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti.

Battlefield of Eckmühl from the sky  Discover the battlefield of Eckmühl from the sky on Google Maps (External link opening new window)

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