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Battle of Heliopolis

Date and place

  • March 20th, 1800 near the ruins of Heliopolis, ten miles from Cairo at that time, nowadays included into the city.

Involved forces

  • French army (nearly 11,000 men) under the command of General Jean-Baptiste Kléber 
  • Turkish army (40,000 to 80,000 men according to various sources) under Nassif Pasha and Grand Vizier Kör Yusuf Ziyaüddin Pasha. 

Casualties and losses

  • French army: 600 to 800 killed or wounded. 
  • Turkish army: 8,000 to 9,000 killed, wounded or prisoners. 
Battle of Heliopolis (detail)
"The Battle of Heliopolis", engraving by Edme Bovinet (1767-1832), watercolor by Louis François Couché (1782-1849)

Heliopolis was the last victory of the French army in Egypt.