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Battle of Montebello

Date and place

  • June 9th, 1800 near Montebello in Lombardy (nowadays Montebello della Battaglia, Province of Pavia, Italy).

Involved forces

  • French army (5,000 men) under General Jean Lannes
  • Austrian army (12,000 men) under feldmarschall-leutnant Karl Peter Ott Freiherr von Bartokez. 
Battle of Montebello (detail)
"The Battle of Montebello, June 8th, 1800. Crossing the Coppo river" (detail). Watercolor by Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti.

Panoramics of the battlefield of Montebello

The battlefield of Montebello, where First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte and General Jean Lannes defeated the Austrian army during the Second Campaign of Italy, on June 9, 1800.
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