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  • The Napoleon Series  The Napoleon Series - The Napoleon Series is dedicated to the study of Napoleon Bonaparte and his times. Come exchange ideas and talk about our favorite subject!
  • Napoleonic History  Napoleonic History - J. David Markham is an internationally acclaimed historian, Napoleonic scholar and award-winning author, and President of the International Napoleonic Society.
  • Napoleonics.org  Napoleonics.org - You will find here anything you need about the Napoleonic Era.
  • Société Napoléonienne Internationale  International Napoleonic Society - Founded by Ben Weider (1924-2008), the INS promotes the study of the Napoleonic Era in accordance with proper academic standards.
  • A virtual version of the Arc de Triomphe  Virtual Arc de Triomphe - VirtualArc.com is a virtual version of the Arc de Triomphe, a monument to the brave soldiers and military victories of the French Revolution, Consulate, and First Empire. Throughout the site you'll find biographies and pictures of French generals, explanations and orders of battle, maps of battles and points of interest, and detailed information on the lives and battles of Napoleon Bonaparte and his generals.

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  • Napoléon-Souvenirs  Napoleon-Souvenirs - Online store exclusively dedicated to selling souvenirs of the first Empire and articles on the image of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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