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Eustache Bruix (1759-1805)


Arms of Eustache Bruix (1759-1805)

Born on July 17, 1759 at Fort-Dauphin, island of Hispaniola.

Vice-admiral of the French Navy.

He died on Mars 18, 1805 in Paris and was buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery (36th division) .

Main portrait

"Admiral Eustache Bruix" by Jean-Baptiste Paulin-Guérin (Toulon 1783 - Paris 1855).

Other portraits

Eustache Bruix (1759-1805)
"Portrait of Eustache Bruix, viewed in profile", engraving of André Dutertre (1753-1842).
Eustache Bruix (1759-1805)
"Admiral Eustache Bruix". Nineteenth century engraving.
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