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Camillo Borghese (1775-1832)

Prince, Duke of Guastalla

Arms of Camillo Borghese (1775-1832)

Camillo Filippo Ludovico Borghese was born in Rome on July 19, 1775, in a noble italian family from Sienna.

He became brother-in-law to Napoleon Bonaparte by marrying Pauline Bonaparte on November 6, 1803.

Camillo was made a Prince of France in 1804, a troop-commander in the Imperial Guard in 1805, and Duke of Guastalla in 1806.

He fought in Austria in 1805, Prussia in 1806, Poland in 1807, and commanded two divisions of the French Army in 1809.

Prince Camillo Borghese died on April 10th, 1832 in Florence , Tuscany, Italy.

Main portrait

"Prince Camillo Borghese" by François Pascal Simon Gérard (Rome 1770 - Paris 1837).

Other portraits

Camillo Borghese (1775-1832)
"Camillo Borghese", painted in 1799 by Bernardino Nocchi (Lucca 1741 - Rome 1812).
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