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Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov (1745-1813)

Prince of Smolensk

Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov (1745-1813) Enlarge
Arms of Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov (1745-1813)

Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov was born on September 16, 1745 in Saint Petersburg, the son of a military engineer.

He fought as a Russian General during Napoleonic wars.

He died of septicemia on April 6, 1813 in Bunzlau, Silesia. He was buried in the Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In 1945, the Soviet Union Postal Service released a 30 Kopecks stamp bearing the image of Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov , and the Russian Postal Service did so in 1995 with a 300 Rouble stamp .

Main portrait

"Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov", by Roman Maximovich Volkov (? 1776 - ? 1831).

Other portraits

Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov (1745-1813)
"Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov", by George Dawe (St James's, Westminster 1781 - Kentish Town 1829).
Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov (1745-1813)
"Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov, Prince of Smolensk", by Jozef Oleszkiewicz (Szydlowo, Poland, 1777 - Saint Petersburg 1830).
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