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Charles-François Lebrun (1739-1824)

Third Consul, Duke of Plaisance

Charles-François Lebrun (1739-1824) Enlarge
Arms of Charles-François Lebrun (1739-1824)

Born on March 19th, 1739 in la Bouchelière, Normandy, France.

Dead on June 14th, 1824 in Sainte-Mesme, Haute-Garonne, France.

French politician and statesman.

Deputy of the Third Estate at the Estates-General of 1789.

Third Consul in 1799 then arch-treasurer and Prince of the French Empire, Duke of Plaisance.

Main portrait

"Charles-François Lebrun, Duke of Plaisance" by Robert Jacques François Faust Lefèvre (Bayeux 1755 - Paris 1830).
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