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Pierre-Roger Ducos a.k.a. Roger Ducos (1747-1816)

Count of the Empire

Arms of Pierre-Roger Ducos a.k.a. Roger Ducos (1747-1816)

Pierre-Roger Ducos was born on July 25, 1747 at Montfort-en-Chalosse, Gascony.

This lawyer and politician was named Third Consul, then became Senator and Count of the Empire.

He died in Ulm, Germany, towards March 16, 1816 (or April 4 according to other sources).

His heart rests in the Church of Narosse .

His brother, Baron Nicolas Ducos, was a General of the Empire.


88-90, Rue Bonaparte. Paris VIth arrondissement 

One among many addresses of Count Roger-Ducos in Paris.

Main portrait

"Pierre-Roger Ducos a.k.a. Roger Ducos". Nineteenth Century engraving.
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