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Dagobert Sigismund von Wurmser (1724-1797)

Count of Vendenheim and Sundhausen

Dagobert Sigismund von Wurmser (1724-1797) Enlarge
Arms of Dagobert Sigismund von Wurmser (1724-1797)

Dagobert Sigismond von Wurmser, Count of Vendenheim and Sundhouse, was born at Strasbourg  on May 7, 1724, in an old and rich Alsacian family.

He became an officer in the Holy-Empire army, and fought as a General against the French Republican Army until February 2nd, 1797, when he had to surrender  in Mantua .

He died on April 21st, 1797, in Vienna.

Main portrait

"Count Dagobert Sigismund von Wurmser". Print of the nineteenth century.
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