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Napoleon Bonaparte in 1792

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Napoleon Bonaparte in 1792
Napoleon Bonaparte in 1792
In 1789, Bonaparte helps to repress popular uprisings in Burgundy. He then returns to Corsica, where he contends the action of Pascal Paoli in an island in turmoil. But the first meeting between the two men in July 1790 is not conclusive.

Bonaparte is promoted to first lieutenant in June 1791 and transferred to Valence. A new discharge drives him back in Corsica. He is involved in skirmishes and must return to Paris in May 1792. In July, he is back in Ajaccio with the rank of captain.

He breaks with Paoli and must flee the island with his family in June 1793. He runs a first mission in Avignon, then receives the command of the artillery at Toulon, with the rank of chief of battalion. Bonaparte takes a decisive part in the retaking of the city. He is rewarded with a promotion to brigadier general.

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