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Napoleon Bonaparte in 1795

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Napoleon Bonaparte in 1795
Napoleon Bonaparte in 1795
In 1794, Bonaparte, regarded as a friend of Robespierre, is jailed for a few days after 9 Thermidor. He is also suspended from his duties as commander of the artillery of the army of Italy.

In spring 1795, he became engaged to Désirée Clary. Shortly after he refuses a transfer to the Western army as infantry general and offers to go reorganize the Turkish army. The authorities exclude him from the list of employed generals.

In October, Barras calls on him to repress the insurrection of the royalists sections of Paris. The 13 Vendemiaire, with the help of Murat and Brune in particular, he defeats the 25,000 insurgents. He is immediately promoted to general of division and gets command of the army of the Interior.

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